Meet the Reuben Report staff.  We share a common love of Reubens and all the things that make Reubens possible. We’re always interested in fellow like-minded reporters. We are looking for reporters to cover restaurants that serve Reubens, talk with chefs that make Reubens, companies or people that develop the ingredients, events that serve them. Basically the whole world of Reubens. We’ll take all the materials that you’re interested in generating: written or video. Shoot us a note and let us know what you’re interested in covering. We’ll provide exposure.

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Current staff:

The Editor

Jack Shipley: Content Man About Town and Editor.
Hailing from the Isle of Manhattan Jack’s been a Reuben dude his entire life. While he still maintains a presence in mainstream journalism, Jack has followed his passion and invites others to join him on the quest for all things Reuben!

Jack can be reached at or on Skype: ReubenReport


Billy Wentworth: Content Maker.
Billy calls the Midwest his beat and U of I his home. He covers food events and restaurants for the report and is always on the lookout for new menu items. Dazzle him!

Billy can be reached at