Haute new Rueben Treatment at Seattle’s Bateau Restaurant

The Reuben Mille Feuille

Meet the Reuben Mille Feuille: a braised brisket & smoked beef belly with bright purple cabbage and served on rye at Bateau, a restaurant from chef Renee Erickson on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Bateau is described by the local press as an atypical steakhouse:””

“A chevron-patterned wood floor and rough slate table tops anchor Sea Creatures’ signature, white-on-white décor. Overhead lights encased in white wood baskets float like boxy kites above diners seated along parallel, leather-cushioned banquettes. Windows on one side overlook the sidewalk; windows on the other frame carcasses of beef hanging in the aging room. The sight is a carnivore’s delight, but would be gruesome for vegans or vegetarians to behold.”

It sounds like an awesome place to try an exciting new Reuben treatment, next time you’re in the Seattle area.