Pabst Blue Reuben Sandwich (We’re not kidding!)

Pabst Blue Reuben Meet the Pabst Blue Reuben sandwich!

Chalk up one for red, white and blue PBR ingenuity – with the online introduction of the deep beer batter fried Reuben sandwich, dubbed the Pabst Blue Reuben. This thoroughly American concoction is one part Monte Cristo, one part Reuben, and one part state fair food – all fried together in a manner guaranteed to make at least one BMW payment for your favorite cardiologist.

This amalgam of flavorings came out of  the ether – literally. Here’s the original Instagram text associated with the photo:

@foodbeast emailed me a few weeks back asking if I had any crazy food ideas I could make using @pabstblueribbon beer. I was sitting around drinking at the time and replied “What if I took an entire Reuben sandwich, dipped it in Pabst beer batter and deep fried it? It could be called the Pabst Blue Reuben!” Well, they dug the idea and apparently so did Pabst so I got the go ahead to make it and here it is – The Pabst Blue Reuben! #Foodbeast #DudeFoods
Well, our fedora’s off to you, Dude Food, or is it Food Dude, for making this week’s Report. Keep on drinking, and keep on thinking! And if you’d like to know how to make one, Look here.