Reuben For Two

   If you are from New York City, or have ever been there as a tourist, then you might have checked out Katz’s Deli. It’s the most famous deli in New York, mainly because of their enormous corned beef sandwiches, that people know and love. Die hard’s are known to stand on line for one of these Big Apple Bad Boys! Now you can stand by your mailbox for the same experience.

  Everything tastes great about Katz’s Reubens except the airfare, and experience of schlepping all the way to New York City to eat one. Well, those days are over. Katz’s now offers a “Reuben for Two” special: shipped anywhere, overnight.  So leave the travel to the tourists, and make your Katz’s Reuben at home. What will they think of next…mail order bagels?  

   Salty corned beef piled high on tasty thick rye bread, slathered in russian dressing, cheesy swiss, and piled high with sauerkraut. Nothing tastes quite like a Katz’s corned beef which is why people all over America crave it’s unique taste. Now you can get this culinary treat delivered to your own front door. How is this possible? Will wonders never cease?

    It’s the perfect date night dinner for a cozy meal at home with someone you love. Or keep all the corned beef for yourself, we won’t tell anyone.

   They offer overnight shipping, so the meat will be freshly made and delivered to you in record time. Isn’t America swell? You can live in Topeka and still get a little piece of the “Big Apple” delivered right to your mouth. Alright, the delivery guy won’t put it in your mouth, more like on your front steps.Header-Logo.jpg