Reuben-Gate Sandwich Enters Presidential Debates

Ted Cruz and ReubenGate

In what may be a first ever moment in the history of the Reuben, our favorite sandwich has been evoked in the arena of national politics. During the recent Republican debates, presidential candidate Ted Cruz cited rival Donald Trump’s “New York values,” defined as “pushy people,” and “big sandwiches.” We at the Reuben Report call this Reuben-Gate.

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli explained this comment in an interview with MCNBC’s Chuck Todd, and the media interpreted the sandwich reference as being that most quintessential of New York delicacies: The Reuben.

Will Reuben-Gate prove to be Cruz’ undoing? Will Iowans begin eating more Reuben sandwiches to show solidarity with their New York brothers and sisters? We’ll be watching as this mouth watering political potboiler continues.

Watch the Cuccinelli interview here