Top Chef Daniel Gritzer’s Smashed Reuben Burger Recipe!

According to his bio, Serious Eats’ Daniel Gritzer cooked for some of New York’s top kitchens, beginning at the age of 13 when he worked at Chantrelle. But that’s not why we love his work! This is the Reuben Report – and his Smashed Reuben recipe is what caught our roving food eyes. Gritzer developed the recipe for Burger Toppings Week and describes it as the “lovechild of a Reuben sandwich and a slider.”

According to Gritzer: “I came to the idea as I was thinking about how to bring the Reuben’s flavors—melted swiss cheese, Russian dressing, rye bread, sauerkraut—to a burger. It occurred to me that the shreds of kraut aren’t unlike the thinly sliced onions that are set atop a smashed patty of beef when making a slider. Once that clicked, the rest was pretty obvious.”

Well, we won’t keep you in suspense any longer, here’s Gritzer’s detailed recipe for making this uber creative creation in your own home kitchen! SMASHED REUBEN BURGER RECIPE

Photo copyright goodeats; Vicky Wasikj